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Hello World! Again.

It’s been about 3+ years since I’ve been trying to reboot my blog.

Trying to find that perfect platform. That perfect moment. Always another project, or another “I should… but, I could…”. Ending up, never quite actually accomplishing much. So here’s to, fuck it! Let’s just get this done, and write. We can figure out the rest later.

Let’s off with an article of what to expect here, and how I reached this point.

So, what is this?

This is my personal blog/journal, whatever you call it.
Mostly to share things I’ve learnt, opinions, thoughts and other stuff. I find that capturing some of my thought process publicly in writing, can be helpful. Also, it helps capture how I’ve learnt, and continue to learn. So expect mistakes, fuck ups, and changes in opinions as I learn/experience more. If you’re expecting perfection, please go look elsewhere.

You can help me improve. If you’re reading this and can have a civilized discourse on the topic; please share it with us in the comments.

The usual disclaimer, this is a personal journal, and unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, it is not representative of any organisations or groups, that I am affiliated with. It’s a personal blog, and I’m doing this for me; if you get something out of it fantastic.

Okay, what can we expect to see here?

At the time of writing this, I am quite interested in topics of cybersecurity and its relationship with people, as well as technology in general. So I’ll be writing mostly about that. Likely other things too. Who knows what path life will take, right?

This is here to mostly help me document, keep notes and share my learning and thoughts as I go; mostly built on the help from many.

So, hello world. Good to be back.

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How did we get here? Why Medium?

With that out of the way, yes, how did we get here, to Medium. Especially after a 3+ years hiatus on blogging. Oh boy. Where do I begin. o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

In early October 2020, about a week ago at the time of writing this, I wanted to start writing again. The catalyst, to share a hosting a virtual meetup guide that I’ve made; and privately shared with a few people running community meetups that found it very useful. I also have been asked by Andrew van der Stock, the current chair of the OWASP Foundation to share my budgeting tools for event management. I’ve been working on sharing my events management toolkit for quite some time too, but was alway held back by the prerequisite that I needed somewhere to publish it. Like journaling my journey, in finding myself a new “blog” home.

That which pushed me over the edge to do it now; I’m working on a presentation/workshop for an upcoming conference, with a few resources to share, and needed somewhere that I can point people to. I didn’t have a place, and did not want to just point people to a file in my Github repository.

So here we are. Nothing like a deadline to force a decision.

Why Medium? It is mostly down to

  • Simple to use hosted platform with a sensible business model
  • Has a mobile/iPad app
  • Has sensible export capabilities (exports as .html)
  • Has monetisation options built-in

The simple interface and platform’s constraints helps me to focus on the content. On the writing, not the medium/tool. The seemingly sensible business model helps ensure that the platform is sustainable, and here for the long run. The built-in monetisation option by Medium, should I choose to, swayed me over. I’m increasingly pained by the Advertiser-friendly shackled approach to content creation; thus avoiding any substantial discussion that may potentially be controversial. Thus, keeping out important social discussions we need to have. But that’s for another opinion piece.

That said, there is a vocal subset of people that strongly believe that all content should always be provided for free; Medium’s paywall is gate-keeping and an abomination to that. I too am a believer in the free sharing of knowledge, that’s why a fair bit of my work is Open Source, and why this blog exits. Currently, monetisation is not active on this blog, so there’s no paywall. However, I also believe that it is fair for creators to be able to monetize their efforts, for whatever reasons, including to put food on the table. There’s a larger discussion to be had about monetisation of knowledge, but that’s for another post.

To preemptively address these concerns, I’ll leave this here. In my absolute discretion, (if I ever do activate monetisation) I can send you a paywall bypass link to the content you’re interested in that I’ve published, if you can reasonably show me, or that I know that:

  • You’re a good will contributor to the community, and/or open source.
  • Are disadvantaged, and cannot afford access, but you believe a certain content would benefit you/your community.

Basically, if you’re not just a leech that believes you’re entitled to free content, just reach me on Twitter, or the various other channels I’m quite publicly available on.

I’ll end this here. I will be writing up a separate entry for my journey for a modern blog option, and why the initial plan didn’t work out, leading me to Medium. I just noticed I’ve had more than a few pages written up in Google Docs drafts, late last year on this journey but never completed. There’s also some threat and risk modeling considerations I’ve made that might be helpful to add.

Till the next one. Bye.

Friendly neighbourhood cyber-janitor, cyber-landscaper, cyber-cartographer, and herder of cyber-cats (and unicorns). Just sharing my 2c. License CC-NC-BY-SA