In an Australian community chat room, someone asked about wanting to get into physical penetration testing. As I’ve previously heard with some regularity this question being asked, often in conjunction with being part of a Red Team, I thought it might be worthwhile sharing my thoughts here.

Let me first preface this with, this is my perspective, and opinion of the current Australian market in late 2020. Not as an authoritative view, but as a single observer with some experience in this area. If you’re here because you’re looking to get a role in this area, here’s my frank thoughts…

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Hello World! Again.

It’s been about 3+ years since I’ve been trying to reboot my blog.

Trying to find that perfect platform. That perfect moment. Always another project, or another “I should… but, I could…”. Ending up, never quite actually accomplishing much. So here’s to, fuck it! Let’s just get this done, and write. We can figure out the rest later.

Let’s off with an article of what to expect here, and how I reached this point.

So, what is this?

This is my personal blog/journal, whatever you call it.
Mostly to share things I’ve learnt, opinions, thoughts and other stuff. I find that…


Friendly neighbourhood cyber-janitor, cyber-landscaper, cyber-cartographer, and herder of cyber-cats (and unicorns). Just sharing my 2c. License CC-NC-BY-SA

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